Behind the Scenes: Episode 5: My First Portrait Session

In Episode 5, I talk about how I managed (and simply enjoyed) the people side of things. In this "behind the scenes" feature, we'll take a look at how I managed my camera, along with other technical aspects of this photo shoot.

For anyone who's just getting started in photography, thinking of dipping their toes in, or is just vaguely interested in what I do when I do photography, this one's for you.

Platte County Harvest: Some Meandering History of Nebraska Agriculture

In a little pocket of the earth in Platte County, Nebraska, where the gentle slope of a cornfield bows down to meet the steep wall of a grassy road ditch, I wait for my turn to ride in the combine. Platte, French for “flat,” is one of the most commonly used words in the nomenclature of Nebraska.There is Platte Center, a town not quite in the center of Platte County, and Plattsmouth, located just south of the Platte River’s mouth.