Welcome to the Backroads

Where you wave at strangers in passing cars, and where you can follow Lacey (Backroads) Brummer on her latest quest: to learn photography and discover how fun and beautiful life can be when you turn off Google Maps and wander down less traveled roads.

About Lacey

Hello, friends! I’m Lacey, creator of Backroads Brummer. I’m a writer, dabbling artist, and nowphotographer in self-training. 

Although college and grad school have forced me into living the city life (where city = a town with a Walmart and shopping mall, in which rush hour may lengthen your trip to the grocery store from 5 minutes to 15), home for me will always be along my gravel roads in Nebraska. 

I started this blog as a canvas for my creative energies and my love of places rural and overlooked, but already it has become something more. A commitment to wandering and taking more detours. A challenge to see the world around me in new ways. A pathway to discovering more of God’s beauty in simple things.

And I imagine it will become another something more before all is said and done.

Getting Started

If you’re new to the blog, you can follow my story from the beginning with the Dusty Highway Chronicles:

You can also dive right into some of my more wandering thoughts on backroading, photography, and the like with Detours & Daydreams.