Pasture Hopping in Howard County

Though I didn’t know I was hiring, I have found myself a model, a critic, and a creative director. His name is Landen, and he just turned 7. He’s very good at issuing commands.

“Hey, Lacey, take my picture here!”

“Hey, Lacey, you should get a picture of those burned trees with the cedars.”

“Hey, Lacey, take my picture in this tree.”

“Oh, that’s a good one.”

On a visit to my sister’s house a few weekends ago, the weather was a little too cold to hit the river, so we all piled into a pickup instead and just rolled along the gravel at 20mph. We made a pretense of checking my brother-in-law’s pasture ground, but mostly we just soaked in the sights.

While “chillin’ on a dirt road” might not appear on TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in central Nebraska, it’s definitely one of my favorites. This little day in paradise is precisely what I was hoping to capture with Backroads Brummer. Good company, beautiful sights—it’s why they call Nebraska “The Good Life.”

We drove along a fabulous little dirt road cut into steep banks, got up close and personal with some cows, and checked out the hillsides where my sister and her husband dream of building a home someday (they have some great views to choose from, let me tell you!)

The clouds made for good lighting, and the kids for good entertainment. While Landen insisted on being at the center of my picture-taking endeavors, Laityn, who takes great pleasure in refusing anything asked of her, had the opposite reaction to my camera.


And Lenna, as she is wont to do, blazed her own trail.


Considering how cute my other photographic subjects are, it’s a wonder I managed to take in the scenery at all, but here you are—a few snapshots of my backroads paradise.


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